What About These Shows?

I am taking What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity up to the Edinburgh Fringe. I did a preview of it the other night and the audience reacted well to it.

I thought I’d recommend some other shows happening this year in Edinburgh that contain similar flavours; shows about gender and or identity that are being put together by amazing performers. There loads of shows that I’d recommend but that  I’m not listing here. I’m limiting it to ones that share things about their style, tone and content with my show.

If you know of shows going to the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 that are in a similar wheel house to my show please suggest them in the comments section.

First of all these are some shows I have seen and so know are really good:

 0Mathilda GregoryHow To Be Fat

How to be Fat is an hour long solo comedy theatre show about having a fat body.

I saw this show because I previewed with it last week. It is a funny, moving, personal and thought provoking exploration of how it feels to be fat and how society frames fatness. It has stayed in my mind since I saw it.

When/where/how: 18.55 at Zoo Southside 7th-31st August Tickets here00


Cameryn Moore: Phone Whore (A One Act Play With Frequent Interruptions)

Truth and taboo collide in this intimate visit with a phone sex operator.

I saw this last year and it was one of the best things I saw. It’s a powerful and funny piece of drama exploring both the mundane reality of phone sex work and the complicated reality of sex and sexuality. I think it really speaks to many of the themes of my show and the responses that came out in the survey. It’s a really beautiful and human piece of work.

When/where/how: 19:05 at Sweet Grassmarket 6th-30th August Tickets here

000Jack Rooke: Good Grief

On the same day as his Dad’s funeral, the town Jack Rooke lived in was voted ‘The Happiest Place To Live In Britain’. He was 15, in the middle of his GCSE’s and after ruling out becoming an X-Factor sob story, Jack decided to use his grief to get whatever he wanted out of people and life. 

This is a wonderfully warm show about bereavement. I saw an early version of it and loved it.

When/where/how:  Delhi Belly @ Underbelly 16.00 at 6th – 30th August Tickets here


Hannah Chutzpah: Asking Nicely0000

One-woman poetry show about the power dynamics of permission and politeness – with rhymes and reasons. A lyrical feminist pep-talk with pop psychology and audience participation swearing.

I saw this last year and really liked it. It has similar things to say about power dynamics and bullying to my show.

When/where/how: 18.45 at the Pilgrim 8th-29th August PBH Free Fringe


These are shows which I haven’t seen but expect will be amazing knowing the caliber of the people making them and having seen elements of them before:

000000AJ McKenna: Howl of the Bantee

After a lifetime of being told to laugh off misogyny and rape jokes, AJ McKenna has had enough of ‘banter’. Now, in her PBH Free Fringe debut, she’s ready to howl back.

When/where/how:  18.15 at The Stafford Centre 16th-22nd August PBH Free Fringe





Paula Varjack: How I became my self (by becoming someone else)

A show about changing your name, finding freedom through reinvention, and gaining the power to tell your own story. Combining confessional monologue with video interview and archive footage, it explores identity through name change.

When/where/how: 12:30 at Cowgatehead UpTwo 8th – 30th August  PBH Free Fringe

00000Cameryn Moore: Slut (R)evolution

How did it feel? What the hell was she thinking? And how will it affect tonight’s hook-up? Memoir and manifesto come together in this incendiary exploration of sex, relationships, and salad crispers.

When/where/how: 21:35 at Sweet Grassmarket  6th-30th August Tickets here




And these are shows which have been recommended to me by people whose taste I trust who thought they chimed in some way with the show:

Desiree Burch: Tar Baby: 12.00 at Gilded Balloon 5th-31st August

Gabriel Ebulue: Armchair Anarchist: 15.45 at Cowgatehead 7th-31st August

Boxed In: 14.15 at Pleasance Courtyard 6th-31st August

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