What About These Shows #2

I am taking What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity up to the Edinburgh Fringe. The first #Edfringe performance will be at 12.05 on Saturday 8th August

I’ve already done a blog recommending shows that contain similar flavours to mine; shows about gender and or identity that are being put together by amazing performers. A big part of my show touches on sex, sexuality and sex education and so I thought I’d also put together a list of recommendations for shows that focus on these areas. Both lists are covered in audio form in this “extra” edition of my Getting Better Acquainted podcast.

As with the last list of recommendations I want to say that there are loads of shows that I’d recommend but that I’m not listing here. I’m limiting it to ones that share things about their style, tone and content with my show. A full list of my recommendations would be really really long!

If you know of shows going to the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 that are excellent and are about sex, sexuality and sex education then please list them in the comments. I’ve only seen one of these four shows but I rate all the performers really highly and have loved their work in the past.

0   Rosie Wilby: The Science of Sex

BBC Radio 4 regular revamps award-winning investigation into the science of attraction, which she was invited to perform in New York in 2013, incorporating some new ideas and highlights from her more recent piece Is Monogamy Dead. What makes us gay or straight? What are pheromones? What is the scientific origin of kissing?

When/where/how: 17.00 at Sneaky Pete’s  8th-15th August PBH Free Fringe



Brydie Lee-Kennedy Loves You Two

In one week, Brydie fell in love twice. Both of them stuck. A show about lust, alternative sexual lifestyles, the awfulness of terms like ‘alternative sexual lifestyles’ and ill-timed nosebleeds (is there any other kind?).

When/where/how: 16:15 at Just the Tonic at the Caves (Salvation Rooms) 6th-31st August Tickets here

0000Chella Quint: Adventures in Menstruating

What is that blue stuff… and why isn’t it red? Will all the menstruators performing at the Fringe really synchronise cycles? Really? And how can century-old ads still affect attitudes now? For everything you never knew you needed to know about periods, there’s comedian and sex educator Chella Quint. As heard on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, she deconstructs taboos with wit, adbusting and brute force. Period comedy for menstruators and non-menstruators of all genders.

When/where/how:  19.30 at The Stafford Centre  at 8th – 28th August PBH Free Fringe

Miranda Kane: The Coin-Operated Girl – A Sex Worker’s Real Life Revelations of Frivolous Fornications

From the star of Audible.com’s Slaving Away, Miranda Kane exposes the truth about sex workers, their clients, and all the hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in her unique career. This five-star show is an eye-opening look at a fascinating industry. With hilarious anecdotes and a no holes barred Q&A, Coin-Operated Girl offers a whole new angle on the world of sex work. Even if it’s not your first time with a prostitute, it’ll be the funniest!

When/where/how: 16.05 at Liquid Room Annexe 8th-30th August PBH Free Fringe

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