The Survey

Introduction to the survey

I don’t think this survey is representative of all men. To a certain extent, it’s a survey of feminist-leaning men. The initial respondents came generally from that POV, and as the survey grew, it was mostly shared by feminists. That said, it does represent many other viewpoints. For example, there were a few hundred in a row where it was mostly being filled in by Men’s Rights Activists. But whatever their starting point, the men filling in the survey had to be prepared to grapple with the word patriarchy, and that may have alienated many potential respondents.

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If the survey isn’t representative, I don’t really think that’s a bad thing. I feel like we hear from men who don’t believe in patriarchy a lot. I feel like we hear men’s opinions all the time. I was interested in hearing from the men we don’t hear from as much, and I feel like this survey achieved that.

I didn’t ask for demographics, although many responses reveal demographic details. In some ways, I regret having no questions about demographics. The other big thing missing is a question asking if patriarchy is good or bad.

The how would you describe yourself? section was deliberately provocative/loaded. While I think that works for talking about patriarchy or misandry, in the case of this final question I feel it was unfair to do this without flagging it up more. Having read the surveys I feel like many of the men choosing the terms Nice Guy, Egalitarian or Equalist were not aware of some of the connotations that go with these words. So when considering looking at the surveys, I try to keep that in mind.

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CONTENT NOTE: The surveys frequently refer to bullying, rape and sexual assault, trans issues, mental health issues, violence, emotional abuse and bereavement. They also, from time to time, contain racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, whorephobic and ableist slurs. They are presented unedited, but that presentation should not be seen as a personal endorsement. 

But that’s enough from me: here are the anonymous responses of 1000 men.