Respondent 901

Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

Taking the word apart, the “Patri” part refers to a”people or population and the “arcy” part refers to a leader or ruler. Etymology aside, it seems that despite this being question 2 you have already entered into creating bias from your samples. You seem to be hinting that patriarchy is a gender based inequality based on YOUR understanding of the word, you’ll find that subjects try to please you by answering what they expect you to hear, creating a pointless feedback loop of self gratification. I would guess you’d want people to answer, “Patriarchal constructs put the man in charge, probably on the common misunderstanding that Patri means father, like “papa” and matri means mother, like “mama”. I would argue a woman can be the head of a Patriarchal construct, with within Western civilization as it stands, there are very few true patriarchs. I would answer your original question that a patriarch is a person or group with an autocratic leadership. In England, I’d argue that we’re living in a more progressive society than to allow absolute power of this kind. The closest would be within privately owned business.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

Again, massive leading question. Question 1. Is it a thing, Question 2. What is it to you. Question 3. How has it hurt you. What can you expect from people being surveyed. As this is for a story telling piece, you’re obviously looking for drama, rather than any kind of fact. If your story is to influence others opinions, rather than entertain, I’d say you’re going about it immorally.

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?


How would you define masculinity?

Probably worse than the questions above

Does misandry exist?

ESPECIALLY when partnered adjacent to this question.Can females not be misandrist?

Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


Everyone, no matter what, has experienced prejudice, no matter what form. Both positive and negative. It shouldn’t happen, but we’ve only been out of caves and jungles for a cosmic blink. Give it time, change is already happening at a staggering rate.

What best describes you?

A feminist

Absolutely a feminist, absolutely a progressive, but absolutely a believer in pushing for equality in a way that doesn’t try to harbour negativity. Men don’t have a secret desire to see other men prosper over women, however, if I’m at a job interview for a new role, I want that job whether it’s ahead of a man, woman, whatever. So my personal agenda, as a man, is for me to have success over others, not for my gender.