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Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

From the Ancient Greek: men ruling. This is very different to “The Patriarchy”, in much the same way that “Jews” differ from “The Jews”. Sometimes, in some areas, men rule. In other times, other places, other scenarios, women rule. These small sections of society could conceivably be called patriarchies and matriarchies. But this idea of “The Patriarchy” is, at best, outdated, and at worst, a hurtful lie. For a start, men are so often hurt by society. This is often claimed by Feminists as “The Patriarchy hurting men, too”, which is almost inevitably an excuse to try and tell those who campaign for men’s issues to shut up and let the Feminists deal with it (not that they ever do). But let’s look at an example: “take back the night”. This, and its more popular, more mainstream cousin, “end violence against women”, are classic misdirection. A cursory glance at our country’s crime statistics reveals that the primary victims of just about any type of crime – apart from rape, which is defined here as something done with the penis, are men. And yet, we don’t have campaigns about how men need to take back the streets. There are no mainstream campaigns to end violence against men. Men don’t relate how they’re afraid to go out at night, because they’re not – even though they’re the sex more likely to be robbed, assaulted or murdered! And why is this? Why is it that women, the sex with less to fear, are the sex with the most fear? Clearly, because the Patriarchy has told them to be fearful to keep them indoors. Except it’s not the Patriarchy saying that, is it? It’s the Feminists. They’re the ones launching these rallies, voicing these campaigns, making films about the horrors of street harassment (hey, men, who cares if you got your guts slit open for �15 – a builder once whistled at me!). It’s the Feminists putting this fear in women. But why on Earth would they want to do that? I don’t know. But I’d like to know Polly Neate’s salary. Speaking of salaries, it’s often spouted that women earn 77% (or thereabouts) of a man’s wage. It’s hardly ever mentioned that amongst young professionals, women out-earn men. Amongst young working-class people, men still out-earn women, but then, they are also about ten times more likely to be killed at work. Much is made of the question “can women have it all?” – the implication being that men already do and you’re a hateful bigot if you say women can’t. Here’s an idea for your act – ask everyone in the audience to put up their hand if they wished their Dad had spent more time with them as a child instead of having to work. The cat’s in the cradle with the silver spoon… Most of the statistics (including the ridiculous ones about rape, which do things like ignore whether the people they asked actually thought they were raped, or pull figures for “unreported rapes” literally out of nowhere) are made up of lies, deliberate mis-interpretation, and citing of works of feminist theory that cite other works of feminist theory that cite &c. &c. You can find information on all these things with a little research on the internet, as long as you don’t screech and close off the site the minute you read the words “MRA”.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

Patriarchy does not exist.

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

Patriarchy does not exist.

How would you define masculinity?

Well this is a tough’n to answer at gone 5am. Stubborn-ness. Decisiveness. Aloofness. Rationality. Aggression. Strength. Jealousy. Protectiveness. Savagery. Violence. Culture. Beauty. It is anti-femininity, in the Greek sense: it is its complement, the yang to its yin. This is realised in cultures across Creation. I know one thing for sure, though: it ain’t a toxin.

Does misandry exist?


Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


Nowadays, it’s sexist to say women and men are different. Apart from when it’s sexist to say they’re not.

What best describes you?

None of the above

I’m getting pig-sick of all this identity politics.