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Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

The foundation from which society developed.Has been responsible for almost all human progress, good or bad.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

In the patriarchy, women had much less autonomy, and certainly did not get the opportunities that men did to fulfil their potential. But men back then honestly did care about women, hell they elevated them and treated them like the crown jewels of society, to protect the gatekeepers of life. This attitude still exists however in our modern day equal society, so men are left with all the responsibility and burden of the past rather than something more equitable. But besides residual factors that have been kept alive simply because this is not the type of equality women want, the patriarchy isn’t a dominant structure in so much as the elite are a dominant structure. There, their destructive powers are simply a function of society will to be passive and be controlled. Assuming the principles of capitalism are the principles of man, I could possibly blame their transformation into crony capitalism as something that strangles the world and effects all of us, including me. But in terms of whether “male stereotypes and expectations” have hurt me or “the elevation of the white male”, I have neither benefited nor been taken advantage of when it comes to these concepts.

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

I haven’t, I respect all people besides those I perceive to be hypocrites. Whilst you might perceive my derision as sourced by patriarchal oppressive forces, I feel my disapproval of feminist fascism and lack of discussion of ideas in a free and open way are not such.

How would you define masculinity?

As I mentioned above, man has been responsible for essentially all progress, so history defines masculinity. Honour, sacrifice, power, aggression, destruction, creation… Man is duality. Masculine values have been responsible for success, for growth and support but are also certainly responsible for death and destruction.

Does misandry exist?


Please… If power is required for prejudice, that would certainly be taking an apologetic stance on many shocking crimes and injustices we see in the world today. How is it progress? Wouldn’t true equality mean that we stop and say that particular behaviour is unacceptable full stop. Equality is about cooperation. Not about ‘destruction of privilege’ through hatred and attempted destruction at the demographic traditionally in power positions. (Like modern day white men are even responsible for things attributed to them that did not occur in their life time or through their action or inaction) The hatred of modern feminism and it’s attack on masculinity and the autonomy of man and meritocracy is clear for all to see. Not that first world war suffragettes shaming men into conscription was any better. See Question 7 for more details. Discrimination against men for the sake of equitable outcomes rather than opportunity is misandrist. Blaming men for things that are out of their control or determinism is misandry. Berating men is misandry. Ignoring male issues such as male suicide, making fun of & shaming men who wish to discuss any male related issues is misandry. The fact that misandry isn’t a word in the dictionary is blatant evidence that society has retained the archaic structures of the patriarchy that benefited women despite the equal opportunities women now have. That brand of dishonest feminism marketed as egalitarianism and equality is misandry.

Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


Seriously? As a young white male in university, you are constantly exposed to the hatred against white men. My universities newspaper publication Honi Soit constantly derides white men and justifies how men having an equal voice is ‘mansplaining’ because their power and oppressive history means that anything they say is simply a means for them to retain power they are losing in the goal to equality (implying their equality is anything what real equality should be, that is, equality of opportunity and not outcome, and elimination of discrimination and empathy to all walks of life full stop…) As someone in the final year of university, every graduate website I go to goes on and on and on about diversity in the workplace, diverse employer, female scholarship this, females in the work place that. As if it isn’t men aren’t underperforming versus women in academia right now, as if men aren’t being hired less than women for graduate positions, implying that white men are over-represented in such positions in the first place. I would love to have some private investigator research every facet of my life and tell me once, just once where I attained anything due to white privilege and not through my own labour. And let’s not pretend that it isn’t socially acceptable to just bash white men on ALL fronts from the liberal media. Have you looked at the pages of the guardian vis-a-vis their glowing remarks for the privilege dripping white male? It is a cultural phenomenon now. Just look at Occupy Wall Street and how white men were told that their voices did not matter.

What best describes you?

An egalitarian

Egalitarian in opportunity, not outcome.