Respondent 448

Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

A system that gives power to men but takes it away from women. For example, by putting women in no-win situations, such as the prude/slut dichotomy.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

I’m trans, so policing borders around maleness and masculinity has meant a lot of harassment in my past, and denial of access to ‘boy’ things I wanted to do. Now that I pass, I can see how it’s helping me…

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

It’s actually quite hard not to talk over women, because it’s so expected, it’s almost not noticed by anyone.

How would you define masculinity?

the symbols of man-ness.

Does misandry exist?


Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


Before I transitioned and in the form of transphobia, but not around maleness or masculinity outside of this.

What best describes you?

A feminist