Respondent 447

Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

When life gives you lemons, SMASH THE PATRIARCHY.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

I refuse to eat in Burger King until they abolish their policy of patrilineal primogeniture. Until there’s either a Burger Queen or a gender neutral Burger Monarch, I can’t get my XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger on. That is how the bloody patriarchy has hurt me

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

I once cut all the hair off my sister’s barbie.

How would you define masculinity?

Southend on a Saturday night.

Does misandry exist?


Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


I was dying for a shit and all the cubicles in the mens were in use, so I went in the ladies. I got chucked out of the pub. Haters.

What best describes you?

An ally to feminism