Respondent 362

Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

A historically grown system in which as a generalization men dominate women, a sexist system that discriminates against girls and women.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

Directly, by demanding that I should be a sexist and that I should live up to male stereotypes. Indirectly, by giving rise to so called feminism, a term sometimes also used anti male, sexist discrimination.

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

I can be an emotionally cold person, which has hurt people. Probably this, like everything maybe, was influenced by patriarchy.

How would you define masculinity?

One thing are male stereotypes which depend on culture and era. I would define masculinity based on biologically influenced male thinking, behaviour, and physical appearance, caused by male sex hormones (testosterone etc).

Does misandry exist?


i assume misandry is hatred of men. It exists.

Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


misandry, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, expectations to live up to stereotypes

What best describes you?

An egalitarian