Respondent 12

Does patriarchy exist?


How would you define patriarchy?

The systemic stucture that favors masculinity above other gender expressions, men above women, males above females, and straightness above queerness.

How has patriarchy hurt you?

It made me defend my masculinity by recoiling from the loving touch of others, and fearing that others refused my touches out of fear. It gave women reason to fear me. It made me threaten violence instead of express the loneliness in which I lived.

How have you hurt people in a way influenced by patriachy?

I have dismissed the real and impactful experiences of women and queer people around me.

How would you define masculinity?

The ability to support anyone weaker than I am. The ability to use the powers granted me by society against the patriarchy, because it doesn’t expect trouble from me.

Does misandry exist?


Have you experienced gender and/or sex related prejudice?


I have been falsely assumed a rapist and suspended from school while being told not to call a lawyer. I have been assumed to be antifeminist, and my work challenged, sight unseen, because I present masculine.

What best describes you?

A feminist