Show Update

Pickering PosterI’ve been working on the show and it’s close to being ready. I have 4 minutes more to cut out although I’m aiming for 10 as it’s nice to have wiggle room.

I’ve found the right dress and the right hat. Took me a long time to track a dress down as it turns out t purple dresses really aren’t in fashion this year.

I previewed a bit of it (which has changed since then) at Stand Up Tragedy: Tragic Spring. The night was recorded as a podcast which you can play below. It’s the third story in the episode and starts around 23.30.





As that extract might suggest it’s been really hard to decide what to cut, deciding which childhood trauma is surplus to requirements, which responses to the survey to refer to and tricky stuff like that. Hard choices but necessary if the show is to fit into the slot it has in Edinburgh.

I’ll be previewing it in London on the 23rd of July so I really need to get it cut down so I can learn it!

The show was recommended as one of Exeunt Magazine’s picks of the fringe by Duncan Gates. and I did an interview with John Fleming where I talked about it (and lot’s of other things).

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