Show Update #2 (and background reading)

The show is finally running at 55 minutes! Now my main job is to learn the words before preview on the 23rd July at the Dogstar in Brixton.

The main starting point when I was writing the show was The Will to Change: Men Masculinity and Love by bell hooks but I thought I’d also give some shout outs to some other things that pointed me the way.

This article by Laurie Penny really resonated with me. And this nature article by Claire Ainsworth and this development of it by Ian Steadman in the New Statesman really clarified my understanding around sex.

In terms of men who write about gender Noah Berlatsky, Ally Fogg and Arthur Chu have been really important.

At some point in the future I will write a longer post talking about the women whose writing and work has transformed my vocabulary and understanding of the world over the last 5 years and the feminisms that have formed the bedrock for this show.


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