#ManSurvey On the Net

Just a quick post to say that the amazing Girl On the Net has kindly let me publish a guest post on her blog about the #ManSurvey. You can read it here: Guest Blog: What do men think about patriarchy?

It’s really exciting to be featured on her blog as I’m a massive fan of her writing and many of her posts have helped shape some of my thinking about patriachy and being a man. Her blog is much sexier than that last sentance made it sound.

I also wanted to direct people over to Kevin Queer’s blog. Kevin has blogged a few times about the #ManSurvey and wrote this excellent guest blogpost for this site: Puffs, panic and performance in #ManSurvey. His blog is generally about gender and sexuality and is well worth following.

These are the two posts he’s written about #ManSurvey:

I dick swing, do you? Answers from the #ManSurvey

How do I feel about masculinity? Pretty effing tough question, mate.

And while I’m flagging up #ManSurvey related writing I also should shout out this really great guest post submitted to me by a man who wants to remain anonymous: On trying to be a much less noisy cultural presence…

If you want to submit a guest post, anonymously or not, drop me a line on goosefat101 @gmail.com. That’s also one place you can notify me if you write about the #ManSurvey elsewhere, or to let me know if you’re using it as a teaching resource or to conduct statistical anaysis or to make art of whatevcer. You can also tweet me at @goosefat101