Man Links #4: articles exploring issues around #ManSurvey

On Wednesdays I’m sharing articles and other links that I’ve come across over the last week, which touch on issues that crossover with the #ManSurvey.  If this isn’t enough for you here are the previous posts #1#2  and #3. Last week I didn’t post the links because I was too busy compiling the Further Reading List for the show. So this week I’m posting two weeks of links.

To get an idea of what’s going on with the show check out this press release. I also talked about both it and the #ManSurvey quite a lot on this week’s episode of my Getting Better Acquainted podcast. I also answered some questions about the show for this blog. I previewed the show last Thursday and you can hear the first 8 mins on this week’s episode of the Stand Up Tragedy podcast. And the guest blog I wrote for Girl on the Net about the #ManSurvey was shared in this week’s F Word round up.

Please be aware of a general content note: some of these links touch on sexual assault, rape, violence and other aspects of patriarchy, sometimes in detail:

Improving on Silence by Teju Cole for The New Inquiry

Getting Better Acquainted: GBA 218 Shaun Attwood

I’m in a wheelchair, I’m queer and I’m still a real man by Andrew Morrison-Gurza for Mashable

WTF with Marc Maron: Episode 622 – Wyatt Cenac

Empathy Is Actually a Choice by Daryl Cameron, Michael Inzlicht and William A. Cunningham for The New York Times

I spent Three Years at Cambridge University and It Made Me an Arrogant, Entitled Brat by Joe Goodman for the Huffington Post

Why everything you think you know about gangs is wrong by Temi Mwale from Get Out of the Gang for The Guardian.

This Ruling Could Change Online “Free Speech” Forever by Tauriq Moosa for The Daily Beast.

And an old one I was reminded of again this week:

The Second Sexism: don’t judge a book by its press by Ally Fogg for The New Statesman

Guest blog posts and analysis of the survey are still very welcome. And please do get in touch if you use the #ManSurvey as research, as reference, as teaching material or in any other way,  I am really happy to signal boost and link to what you are doing.

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