Man Links #28: articles exploring issues around #Mansurvey

On Wednesdays I share articles and other links that I’ve come across over the last week, which touch on issues that crossover with the #ManSurvey.

(If these aren’t enough links for for you here are the previous posts including the Further Reading List for the show.)

Please be aware of a general content note: some of these links touch on sexual assault, rape, war, prejudice, suicide, violence and other aspects of patriarchy. Also links to things that talk about how masculinity intersects with gender reflect the focus of some of the show, and should never be taken to imply that trans women are men.


Mental illness is a result of misery, yet still we stigmatise it by Richard Bentall in The Guardian

Boys could enjoy stories about girls, and vice versa – if only we’d let them by Robin Stevens in The Guardian

In the UK, there is a crisis no less serious than Cologne. by Musa Okwonga on his website

America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality by Jeff Guo in The Washington Post

A Load of Bull: White Supremacy and Big Black Cock by Robert Moore on Harlot

Roosh V shocked to discover white supremacist movement is full of white supremacists by David Futrelle on We Hunted the Mammoth.

The Internet of Garbage a Harvard lecture by Sarah Jeong

Emotional labour: how much can I ask of you? by Girl on the Net on her website

The Case Against “Saving” Marriage by Nicole Rodgers on AlterNet / The Establishment

Public Marriage Proposals Must Die by Tauriq Moosa on The Daily Beast (back in 2014)

The Guilty Feminist Podcast by Sofie Hagan and Deborah Francis-White

The Stand Up Tragedy podcast is putting out some of our 2015 shows that were about identity. The first episode was Stand Up Tragedy Presents: How To Be Fat. The second episode was Stand Up Tragedy Presents: Howl of the Bantee which is a show that intersects in many ways with my show and is concerned with many of the same issues. The third episode is my show: Stand Up Tragedy Presents: What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity.

Guest blog posts and analysis of the survey are still very welcome. And please do get in touch if you use the #ManSurvey as research, as reference, as teaching material or in any other way,  I am really happy to signal boost and link to what you are doing.

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