Man Links #12: articles exploring issues around #Mansurvey

On Wednesdays I’m sharing articles and other links that I’ve come across over the last week, which touch on issues that crossover with the #ManSurvey.

(If these aren’t enough links for for you here are the previous posts including the Further Reading List for the show.)

Please be aware of a general content note: some of these links touch on sexual assault, suicide, violence and other aspects of patriarchy:

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, You Just Don’t Know What the Fuck it is by @bettermyths on Myths Retold


Why Straight Men Have Sex With Each Other:  Jesse Singal interviews Jane Ward for The Science of Us in NYMag

Gender-swap Twilight should expose the flaws in the original – I can’t wait by Mathilda Gregory in The Guardian

Greater transgender visibility hasn’t helped nonbinary people – like me by Alok Vaid-Menon in The Guardian.

UK Student Who “Doesn’t Look Like a Rapist” Objects to Consent Workshops “Like Any Self-Respecting Individual Would” by Teresa Jusino for The Mary Sue

Why consent workshops are a necessity by Josie Throup in The Tab

Violence, rage & #killallwhitemen by Lydia Harris on Medium

Here’s How Many Women Have Been In BBC Comedy Panel TV Shows In The Last Two Years by Luke Bailey on Buzzfeed

Enjoy These Delicious Patriarchy Sandwiches, With All the Fixins by David Futrelle on We Hunted the Mammoth


Guest blog posts and analysis of the survey are still very welcome. And please do get in touch if you use the #ManSurvey as research, as reference, as teaching material or in any other way,  I am really happy to signal boost and link to what you are doing.

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