Expanding the Men:

This is where I’ll be writing posts about the #ManSurvey and about the What About the Men? live show. I also welcome guest blogs from other people. The Survey is an open source resource and I encourage other people to use it to write their own blogposts and do data analysis and other developments. If you do write anything, and/or if you’d like to write something for this blog, drop me a line on goosefat101 @gmail.com.

If you have suggestions for how I could improve this site or ways you think I should develop this work in general please put them in the comments below.

Thanks 🙂


One thought on “Expanding the Men:

  1. I just want to comment and celebrate all the work that Dave has done in creating this. ManSurvey came at a critical point in my thinking about gender. I was going through a tough time emotionally after my mother died after ten years of dementia. The grief reaction was much more dramatic than I expected and triggered a flood of feelings about my dad who died more than thirty years ago and most significantly his relationship with my mum. Patriarchy has never been a word I have used to navigate my relationship with my parents but the ManSurvey questions really created a eureka moment. The idea that patriarchy can hurt everyone, including boys and men, was a huge relief. My own struggle makes more sense and though I cannot go back and undo all the damage and pain I have caused, I do at least have a handle on the dynamics at work. I hope this website can flourish as a beacon to help other troubled souls!

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