Man Links #8: articles exploring issues around #ManSurvey

On Wednesdays I’m sharing articles and other links that I’ve come across over the last week, which touch on issues that crossover with the #ManSurvey.

(If these aren’t enough links for for you here are the previous posts #1#2#3#4#5, #6 and #7. And of course there is also the Further Reading List for the show.)

Please be aware of a general content note: some of these links touch on sexual assault, rape, violence and other aspects of patriarchy:

That viral kidnapping video is about controlling women’s sexuality, not safety by Abi Wilkinson on Gadgette

Toxic Masculinity Is Harmful To All Of Us by James Tennent on Buzzfeed

Nerd Guys, Pandering, and “Forced” Diversity by Joseph Cain on The Mary Sue

So Cameron was young and reckless. Lucky he wasn’t young, reckless and poor by Gary Younge in The Guardian

Also here is a trailer for Peter Aguero‘s storytelling show Daddy Issues which is currently happening in the USA and is very relevant to #ManSurvey!

Guest blog posts and analysis of the survey are still very welcome. And please do get in touch if you use the #ManSurvey as research, as reference, as teaching material or in any other way,  I am really happy to signal boost and link to what you are doing.



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