Man Links #3: articles exploring issues around #ManSurvey

On Wednesday’s I’m sharing articles and other links which touch on issues that crossover with the #ManSurvey that I’ve come across over the last week. If this isn’t enough for you here are the previous posts #1 and #2 and here is some of the writing that inspired me to make this website/show in the first place.

To get an idea of what’s going on with the show check out this press release.

And now to this week’s links. Before listing them please be aware of a general content note: most of these links touch on sexual assault, rape, violence and other aspects of patriarchy, sometimes in detail:

Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up  by @eponis (Although this isn’t really to do with gender the show and the survey often touch on mental health and suicide. I have found this list really helpful.)

No, we don’t want to try ‘offline dating’. The internet is fine. Now leave us the f*** alone by Marie Le Conte published by The Metro

The letters continue: Erasure, misrepresentation and Orwellian doublespeak by Ally Fogg published on Freethought Blogs

Why we need a women’s revolution in Somalia by Yasmin Maydhane published by Media Diversified

These 10 ‘Acceptable’ Trans Narratives Are Actually Holding Us Back by Brynn Tannehill published by Everyday Feminism

Meet The Trans Scholar Fighting Against The Campaign For Out Trans Military Service by Chris Geidner/Dean Spade published by Buzzfeed News

Bill Cosby Reminds Us We Must Still Fight Sexism as Much as We Fight Racism by Darnell L. Moore published by

The Charleston Imperative: Why Feminism and Antiracism Must Be Linked by Kimberle Crenshaw published by the Huffington Post

Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk? by Ann Friedman published by The Cut

And here’s a link I missed last week: The Media Must Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Male Abusers by Brydie Lee-Kennedy published by Vagenda Magazine

I’ll be writing a post recommending shows which you can see at the Edinburgh Fringe that have the same kind of feel, or touch on the same subjects as my show later this month but since Brydie Lee-Kennedy was the author of the last link, and since I think her show is awesome but it’s not really in the same wheelhouse as mine, this seems a good place to recommend it: Brydie Lee-Kennedy Loves You Two 6-30th August 16.15 at  Just the Tonic at the Caves (Salvation Rooms) (Venue 88a) ​She is a very funny comedian who also happens to be a brilliant storyteller.

Also the conversation I had with @ProResting on this week’s episode of my podcast Getting Better Acquainted is pretty relevant to both the show and the survey.

Guest blog posts and analysis of the survey are still very welcome. And please do get in touch if you use the #ManSurvey as research, as reference, as teaching material or in any other way,  I am really happy to signal boost and link to what you are doing.


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